Raindrop Yoga Studio & Training Academy - Lake Stevens, Wa
Raindrop Yoga Studio ~ Lake Stevens
Class Schedule located below!

Located next to Lakeside Massage Studio, Kids-N-Us and Elle Marie Hair Salon.
Dust off your yoga mat and come get your Namaste on!
Bring a friend too!!!
*All Classes are beginner friendly*
We have the heat on during our classes, except Yin, creating a warm environment for stretching your muscles. It's about 80-85 Degrees.

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Yoga Class Schedule...

9:00 A.M. Yoga Flow ~ Heather
4:15 P.M. Slow Flow Vinyasa level 1-2 ~ Kori 
5:30 P.M. Vinyasa ~ Heather
7:00 P.M. YIN ~ Heather

9:00 A.M. Power Yoga~ Shannon
6:00 P.M. Vinyasa ~ Katy

9:00 A.M. Yoga Flow ~ Heather
4:30 P.M. Yoga Sculpt ( with weights) ~ Tanya
6:00 P.M  Vinyasa ~ Tanya

9:00 A.M. Vinyasa ~ Shannon
6:00 P.M. Vinyasa ~ Jazmin
7:30 P.M. YIN ~ Jazmin

9:00 A.M. Slow Flow Vinyasa Level 1-2  ~ Nikki
6:00 P.M. Yoga Flow ~ Shannon 

8:00 A.M. Vinyasa ~ Tanya

6:30 P.M. Slow Flow Vinyasa level 1 -2 ~ Elena

 Yoga Flow- Flow style yoga poses that move with breath movement. Great class for beginners, but able to to make it challenging for advanced students as well. Postures are shown for all levels of yoga. Moving meditation! Heated to 85 degrees.

YIN~ A slow gentle flow of postures done on the floor, no standing poses. This is a great class for all levels but especially for beginners. You hold poses for a long time 3-5 minutes, this really allows for your body a muscles to release, open and let go of stress! Wear your PJs if you want, this class is total relaxing bliss, candles lit, heaters on and calm music!

Similar to yoga flow but with a little more cardio and faster flow through postures. This class will build your strength and deepen your understanding for alignment. The instructor always brings their own style to this class, it's a ton of fun and many asanas to learn! Get sweaty, come to class, gain strength, mental focus, peace and balance! Heated to 85 degrees!

Benefits of Yoga:
~ Detox
~Weight Loss
~Muscle Strength / Tone
~Heal injuries
~Heals low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain
~Gain flexibility
~Decrease Stress
~Help Sleep patterns
~Calm your mind
~Build confidence
~Deepen your Spiritual self
~and so much more!


Massage Continuing Education Classes
At Raindrop Training Academy we offer continuing education classes for massage therapists, or anyone needing to gain CE's. Call 425.293.5155 for more information. Also seeking Massage Continuing Ed. Instructors.
Please go to "Massage Classes and Registration" to see descriptions and purchase your desired class! Class size is limited, reserve your space today!

Continuing Education Classes Schedule For Massage Therapy


November 16th  I Abby Cicirelli I Deep Tissue Warm Bamboo Massage I 175$ (doesn't include tools I 8 CE's

November 23rd I Aromatherapy Applications for Massage and Wellness I 150$ (includes 45$ take home kit) 8 CEs


December 6th I Tianne Curtiss I Meridian Reflexology w/ Essential Oil I 150$ I 6 CEs

December 7th I Barefoot Fusion I Abby Cicirelli I 185$ (includes bamboo poles) I 8 CEs

December 14th I Brian Dotson I Reiki Level 2 I 8 CE's I 150$


January 10-11 I Abby Cicirelli I 'The gentle hand of the Mother" Maile Lomi Lomi I 300$ I 16 CEs

January 17th I Gaby Guenther I Manual Lymphatic Drainage I 150$ I 8 CE's

January 18th I Kay Rynerson I Table Thai and More! I 8 CEs I 150$

January 24th I Aromatherapy Applications for Massage and Wellness I 150$ (includes 45$ take home kit) 8 CEs

January 25th I Abby Cicirelli I Deep Tissue Warm Bamboo Massage I 175$ (doesn't include tools I 8 CE's


Feb 21st ([please note this date did change, this date is correct) I Todd Valentine I Clinical Kinesiology: Testing and Treatment for common Shoulder, Hip and Knee Ailments I 200$ I 8 CEs

February 8th I Abby Cicirelli I European Facial Massage I 125$ I 5 CEs

February 22nd I Kathryn Bromley & Pam Foster I Eclectic Bodyworker, Advanced Treatment Integration (see class description) I 160$ I 8 CEs


March 8th I Kay Rynerson I Ethics Class (requirement) I 115$ I 6 CEs

Please go to the "Massage Classes and Registration" page to see all class descriptions and to make a payment for your desired class!

9623 32nd Street SE, Lake Stevens, WA 98205